Proformance Ultra Narrow Spindle Hub

Series 30 CV Joint, Heim Joints Billet Aluminium

Proformance Direct Drive Spindles are designed specifically to provide the longest axles possible to achieve the maximum wheel travel for ULTRA 4 racing, Rock Bouncing and Off Road Racing


Our newest hub design has the CV much further inside the wheel than other traditional hubs. Perfect for IFS and IRS ULTRA 4 King of the Hammer style vehicles. 


  • Billet Aluminium

  • Heim Joint Bolt is in "Double Sheer"

  • 934 or Series 30 CV Joint

  • 35, 40 or 44 Spline Axles

  • Various wheel stud options available


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We also supply Builder Bells and Unit Bearings to allow customers to weld on their own suspension and steering components

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