Proformance Live Axle Portal Reduction Hub

Reduction Drive Hub with CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation System)
Off Road Portal Reduction Drive Portal Hub Internal Gears Increased Torque for ULTRA4 Rock Racing, Rock Bouncing, Military, Off Road Racing

For competitors that prefer IFS up front and a Live Axle at the Rear, Proformance provide a Reduction Portal Hub that bolts to your Live Axle Case or tubes. Customers simply weld their diff casing to our 4140 Chrome Moly "Weld On Flange".


Tractors, Mining Vehicles and Military Off Road vehicles have been using Portal Drives for more than 50 years to achieve more ground clearance, 100% more Torque at the wheel and 50% less load on the Diff Gears and Axles


Using the same internal components as our ULTRA4 IFS and IRS Portal hubs Our Live Axle Portal Geared Hubs provide a stronger drivetrain for  ULTRA 4 racing, Rock Bouncing and Off Road Racing.


The 2:1 Gear Reduction in the Hub doubles the torque applied to the wheel whilst halving the load applied to your axles, diff gears and tailshaft.


As with all our Portal Hubs, the Bolt On Live Axle version comes complete with CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation) to allow you to deflate and inflate your tyres as you drive - perfect for for ULTRA 4 and King of the Hammer Race Vehicles.


  • Increased Ground Clearance

  • 200% Torque Applied to the wheel

  • External Brakes

  • 50% less torque applied to the axle

  • Stronger Drivetrain - Less Stress on the Diff and Axles

  • Inbuilt CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation Systems) Lines

  • 100% Sealed against Mud, Water and Dirt

  • O Ring Sealed for simple maintenance

  • Rated up to 1000 HP

Supply your own Diff Casing - Weld on or Bolt On hubs

Our Live Axle Portal hub can be fitted to almost all Differentials on the market today. The Diff Centre can be mounted in the centre, off to one side with High or Low Pinion Heights.

Benefits of Portal Hubs


To read more about the benefits of Portal hubs, simply visit our Tech Talk Page or Click Here



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