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Children on a bench for torture - educational machines squeeze out failures and children's tears?

I have always loved to go to school and I did it with great pleasure. My favorite activity in school was essay writing. Since I couldn't write my first essays on my own and my friends didn't want to help, I turned to the authors of the essays (Bid for writing) who were willing to help. I was open and curious about all the homework the teachers gave me. I read a lot, but learned almost nothing because of my restlessness. As for the formal, home form of education, which did not bypass me.

I sniffed out most of the information in and out of class, and during my afternoon "lesson" in the afternoon—maybe an hour and a half in total—I wrote my homework and did it. Some works helped me to write (college paper help). Education for me was a special beauty, because I was always interested in learning. I read it twice, sometimes it took more to understand something. We immediately learned a lot at school thanks to our beloved teachers, who did not spare themselves and efforts to teach us something, for which we are very grateful to them. My teachers helped me write an essay, and also correct my essay,for which they are honored and grateful.

For me, the afternoon session was an occupation. We spent time playing outdoor games (that is, hiding, going crazy, doing what we could to make time pass faster), or when the cold pursued us, we wove pearls, played, read. After kindergarten, there were no school assignments left. However, it was an education system with rigid lines of instruction, but an acceptable curriculum that I liked very much. Maybe it was one of the secrets of learning at the time that helped me learn a lot.

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