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Proformance Transfer Case

Quick Change Transfer Case with Reverse Drive and Reduction
Transfer Case
  • ULTRA 4
  • IFS | IRS
  • Off Road Racing
  • FIA
Under Drive Transfer Case for Off Road Racing and Rock Crawling.  Under Drive presents the need to run High Diff Ratios. High Diff Ratios have very small pinions and are not strong enough for Off Road Racing.  With a 20-40% under drive, competitors can run

To place an engine in the Rear of a 4X4 Race Truck or 4X4 Buggy, you must reverse the drive and be able to pass the rear Tail-Shaft past the engine. Proformance Motorsport Transfer Cases reverse the gearbox drive direction and allow the rear tails shaft to pass under the engine sump, connecting directly to the rear diff.


  • Reverse Drive for Mid and Rear Engine Vehicles

  • Various Adapters to suit most Transmissions

  • Suits 4WD Race and Recreation Vehicles

  • In Built Gear Reduction (Under Drive)

    • No Need to use WEAK Ratio Diff Gears

    • 5:1, 6:1 and Higher diff rations have small pinions and are WEAK - Do not use them!

  • Various "Under Drive" Ratios Available

    • 1.22:1   1.27:1   1.33:1   1.38:1   1.44:1

    • 1.50:1   1.56:1   1.63:1   1.70:1   1.78:1

    • 1.86:1   1.94:1   2.03:1

  • No Need to Re Ratio Both Dff Gears to alter Final Drive Ratio

  • Change Final Drive Ration in less than 30 minutes

  • Urethane "Flex Mounts" fitted into the body

  • Direct Drive CV Flanges

  • Huge Billet Internals

    • Super Strong 110mm Bearings


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Download our Capability Statement - Click Here
Download our Capability Statement - Click Here
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