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UTV - SXS Hubs (Knuckles)


Suits 2WD or 4WD Buggies

DIY Version (Weld On Tags) or Billet Aluminium Body

Central Tire Inflation System (Inflate your tires while you are driving)

RZR - YXZ - Can Am X3 Upgrade Kits

Hubs can be used for IFS or IRS buggies

Internal CV Joint provides longer axle and more wheel travel

280mm Rotor with 4 Piston Race Caliper

30 Spline Axle (247 % Stronger than OEM)

30 Degrees CV Angle - More Wheel Travel

Customers can weld on their own upper and lower a arm pivots or weld on a Trailing Arm as needed - truly universal hub - suits DIY buggies

Massive 100mm Fully Sealed Diameter Bearings and 4140 Housing

Billet Aluminium Wheel Flange 4 x 156mm Stud pattern

SXS Transfer Case Promotion - Australian
UTV - SXS Transfer Case


This new transfer case allows customers to build custom 4X4 buggies using a Motorcycle Engine. The transfer case couples directly to the sprocket shaft and provides both a front and rear tailshaft output flange and has a built in reverse gear - 6 gears forward and 6 gears reverse.

Quick change gears allow customers to change the vehicle top speed from 60KPH to 300KPH by simply changing only Two (2) quick change gears, in a matter of minutes.

Rated at over 800HP - and YES it has a built in REVERSE gear


Dimensions | Price | 3D Model

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YXZ New Mount System.JPG
UTV - SXS Ultra Narrow Differentials


Based on our Race Proven 250mm prototype from 2008, we  offer various sizes of Ultra Narrow Diffs, each with INTERNAL CV joints to allow for longer axles and more wheel travel.


Proformance Ultra Narrow Diffs have the CV joints mounted up inside the Ring Gear Carrier, allowing for much longer Axles and much more wheel travel. Inboard Cv joints also provide protection of the CV boot from rocks and debris common if off road use.


Available to suit Series 10, Series 13 and Series 15 (Commonly known as 930) CV joints

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