V8 Powered SXS 4X4 DIY Buggy Kit

Our DIY V8 Powered SXS Buggy kit has everything you need to make your own awesome 4X4 buggy without the problems of running a CVT Rubber Belt (The toy car's rubber band)


Suits Judd V10, Judd V8, Hartley Hyabussa V8, 1UZ, Coyote V8, Lexus V8, Chev LS1/2/3, Ecotech, VQ35 - Pick your motor and we can provide the rest of the drivetrain. You weld - You Race - You Win

V8 Powered 4X4 buggy Kits + Components


  • Mid Mounted Engine

  • Quick Change Transfer Case

    • 60 x Ratios Available​

    • 0-70 KPH to 0-290 KPH

    • 0-44MPH to 181 MPH

  • 4X4 Drivetrain​

  • Ultra Narrow Diffs with Internal CV Joints

  • Ultra Light Hubs with Internal CV Joints

    • Internal CV Joints = Longer Axles​

    • Longer Axles = More Wheel Travel

  • 28 Inches Wheel Travel (85" Track Width)

  • 32" to 35" Tyres

  • 4 x 156mm Stud Pattern

    • Other Stud Patterns Available upon request​

  • Ecotech - Lexus LS400 - LS

    • Suits Most Engines​

  • Complete Kits or Components​

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