YXZ 9.25" Rear Diff - 1300 HP Rated

You asked for it - here it is...

We have all seen the OEM Diff blow Up
We have all seen the competitors  "Billet Cases" blow up
We have seen the competitors "Forged Gears" blow up

Here is the solution - a huge 9.25" Ring Gear and a MASSIVE pinion with huge bearings and a 4340 Chrome Moly Pinion carrier to prevent pinion flex.

Much stronger than the factory Gears and a monster gear set compared to the Dana 30 - Yet it STILL FITS in the YXZ Chassis.

  • Bolts into the factory YXZ frame

  • Forged 9310 Heat Treated Diff Gears - USA Made

  • Ring and Pinion are Cryogenically Treated and REM isotropic polished

  • Uses Factory CV Stub Drives or our stronger 30/33T Splines Stub CV Joints

  • Use your "Factory Length" and Aftermarket Axles

  • No need to replace your expensive RCV or Turner Axles (The CV Centre Distance remains the same)

  • Super Light Weight - only 45 lbs

  • 6061 Heat Treated Billet Case

  • 4340 Chrome Moly Gear Carrier

  • 26T, 27T, 28T, 30T or 33T Splined CV Stub Drives

Accepts standard 1350 or 1410 Yoke

Spool, Auto Locker, LSD or Air Locker or Electric Locker.

  • Complete Spool Diff Suits YXZ OEM CV Stub $3,000 USD

  • Complete Spool Diff 30T CV Stubs $3,500 USD

  • Complete Spool Diff 33T CV Stubs $3,750 USD

  • Auto Locker Upgrade $350

  • Air Locker Upgrade $550

  • Electric Locker Upgrade $675

We now have diffs to cover 450-2500HP - how much HP do YOU HAVE ??

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