• 850HP Rated

  • Forged 9310 Diff Gears - USA Made

  • Accepts YXZ, RCV, TURNER Axles

  • 300% Larger Pinion Shaft

  • 300% Larger Pinion Bearings

  • Huge Tapered Roller Bearings 

  • DANA 30 3.73:1 Gear Set

  • Bolts into the factory YXZ frame

  • Internal Oil Pump

  • Oil Fed Pinion Bearings

  • 6061 T6 Billet Case

  • 1310 Uni Joint Yoke

  • Anodized Case (Will not corrode)

  • 1 Hour Installation

$3,950 USD (Free Shipping within USA)

YXZ OEM 2021 Front View.png

Ships in 2-3 Business Days

(Free Shipping within USA)

YXZ OEM 2021 Side View_edited.png
YXZ OEM 2021 Rear View.png
YXZ OEM 2021 Front View No Cv Joints.png

Our YXZ Dana 30 Diff accepts YXZ OEM, RCV, Turner (and other performance) CV joints and Axles


CV Joints/Axles are not included and can be purchased direct from RCV - Click Here

YXZ OEM 2021 No CV Joints.png

Kit Components

Proformance YXZ Dana 30 Diff's are fully assembled with all the hardware you need to install in your YXZ:

  • Fully Assembled Diff - ready to race

    • Dana 30 3.73:1 Forged Gear Set

    • Tapered Bearings

    • Oil Seals

    • Backlash Set

    • Bearing Preload Set

  • 1310 Yoke

  • 1310 Uni Joint

  • 1310 Driveshaft Yoke

  • Mounting Brackets

  • Fasteners

You will need to remove your emergency brake and sway-bar to fit this bad boy into your YXZ frame and then cut your driveshaft tube and weld the 1310 Yoke onto your existing driveshaft tube. (We recommend having your driveshaft tube balanced after welding)

If you prefer not to cut your driveshaft, we can supply a ready to install driveshaft, with the yoke welded, ready to install.

1310 Uni Joint Cropped.jpg
Dana 30 1310 Yoke.jpg
2-26-147 - 1310 Adapter 1.250 x 0_edited

We recommend Motul 75/140 Competition Oil in the YXZ Dana 30 Differential

The YXZ Diff will require approximately 500ml of oil

Motul Gear Competition Oil 75-140_edited.jpg