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SXS DIY Hubs and Spindles (Weld your own tags)

Our DIY SXS hubs have a massive 30 Spline CV Joint fitted inside massive 100mm (4.0") bearings to provide longer axles, more wheel travel and a much stronger CV Joint and Axle. No splines to break off, no weak spindles, 

Mini Truck Outer Hub 2.jpg
SXS Hub with Internal CV joint


  • Massive 30 Spline CV with 45 Degrees of CV Angle

  • 30 Degrees of Steering + 30 Degrees Suspension Travel

  • Internal CV Joints

  • Massive 100mm wheel Bearings

  • Super Strong

  • Super Light

  • 290mm Stainless Steel Rotor

  • Floating Brake Rotor (no "Pad Knock Off")

  • 4 x Piston Wilwood Race Caliper

  • More Wheel Travel

  • Stronger Axles

  • Stronger CV Joints

  • Fits most 15" Wheels

  • 4 x 156mm Stod Pattern

    • Other Stud Patterns Available upon request​

Suitable for BITD - SCORE - Unlimited SXS Buggy Classes - Drags - Mud Racing

Download our Capability Statement - Click Here
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