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Can Am X3 Billet Front Diff with Intenal CV joints

Using massive taper roller bearings, allows Proformance Imagineers to fit the CV Joints up inside the Diff Gear Carrier, allowing for longer Axles resulting in sinificantly more independent wheel travel.


These Differentials are specifically designed for IFS and IRS SXS UTV, RZR, Can Am X3, Military and Motorsport Applications including ULTRA4 Off Road, Rock Bouncing, Off Road Racing, Formula Off Road and many other off road motorsport disciplines.

V8 Powered Can Am X3 - Proformance Motorsport Kit Cars
V8 Powered Can Am X3

Our DIY V8 Powered SXS Buggy kit has everything you need to make your own awesome 4X4 buggy without the problems of running a CVT Rubber Belt (The toy car's rubber band)


Suits Lexus V8, Chev LS1, Ecotech, VQ35 - Pick your motor and we can provide the rest of the drivetrain.

SXS X3 RZR Billet Rear or Front Hub Spindle with Internal CV Joints
SXS UTV Motorcycle Powered Transfer Case with Quick Change Gears and Reverse
SXS HUBS + Spindles


Proformance Motorsport SXS Hubs are the prefect upgrade to your RZR, X3 or Project Buggy

Massive 4.5" Diameter Bearings allow our CV Joint to be fitted INSIDE the bearings, allowing for longer axles and more wheel travel

Motorcycle 4X4 Quick Change Transfer Case

This new transfer case allows customers to build custom 4X4 buggies using a Motorcycle Engine. The transfer case couples directly to the sprocket shaft and provides both a front and rear tailshaft output flange and has a built in reverse gear - 6 gears forward and 6 gears reverse.

Quick change gears allow customers to change the vehicle top speed from 60KPH to 300KPH by simply changing only Two (2) quick change gears, in a matter of minutes.

Rated at over 800HP - and YES it has a built in REVERSE gear

Off Road Transfer Case Quick Change Gears
IFS/IRS Portal Hubs


Proformance Motorsport portal hubs provide many features including reduced drivetrain fatigue, increased ground clearance, central tyre inflation and inboard brakes.


If you are running large tyres and big horsepower, Portal Reduction Hubs provide the ultimate in drivetrain strength and reliability.


As the hubs are fitted with a 2:1 reduction, all the inboard drivetrain components only experience 50% of the load compared to traditional drivetrain systems

Transfer Case

Fitting the engine in the rear of an Off Road Vehicle results in the drivetrain running backwards. Large Tyres also result in the need to use high ratio differntials which results in low strength and poor reliability.


Our Transfer cases reverses and slows the gearbox drive and allow the stronger, low ratio differentials to be operated in the correct direction with increased component life.


Fitted with quick change gears, a 4WD Race Vehicle final drive ration can be changed in a matter or minutes, compared to days to re-ratio a set of Differentials.

Mori Seiki CNC Multi Axis Machine

Our Japanese made, Twin Spindle lata is fitted with live tooling to provide Turning and Milling in a single machine.


Fitted with a large 10 inch chuck, rigid Box Slideways, and temperature controlled chassis, this machine provides a repeatable tolerance <0.02mm for all our parts.

Our Machines

CNC Milling Machine Perth Western Australia
DMG 4 Axis Milling Machine


Our German Manufactured CNC 4 Axis Milling machine complements our CNC Lathe for componts too large to be manufactured in our CNC Lathe


The 20 Tool Magazine coupled with very High Speed Rapid Movements and high accuracy allows us to manufacture all our componts in house, ensuring high levels of accuracy and repeatability. 

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