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This is a video explaining why we should all stop buying products where the manufacturer has had them made cheaply in china. If we all stopped buying the cheap crap, the quality will come back.

While there are millions of good quality components and items made in china (TV's, Stereos, Mobile Phones), most of the Motorsport components and tools from china are cheap, crappy "knock offs"

We don't disagree with companies that have a part made in china for $5 and selling the part for $10.


What we are upset about is when companies that used to make a part in house, at a cost of $100, and used to sell that part for $200 (Leaving room for re-seller and wholesalers to make money also) now getting the part made in china for $4, and STILL selling the crappy, low quality Chinese crap for $200

Or even worse are the importers that attack an existing market. They find a German, Swiss, American or European made component that sells for $500, and then import a Chinese component (not even close in quality) for $4, but instead of selling the $4 part for $8 and making 100% markup, (good deal), they sell the $4 Chinese crappy component for $350-$400, just lower than the German or American Made Component. After years of customers buying the "slightly cheaper" component, the manufacturers and importers of the high quality $500 components collapse, and all that remains is the $4 crappy part being sold for $400 and we get used to it and think its normal to pay $400 for chines junk (We should have paid $8 for it)


It becomes impossible to buy the good quality one for $500 because they have gone bankrupt, crippled by the Chinese importer.


Its the biggest threat to Motorsport globally and together we can stop it - just stop buying Chinese components, Chinese tools, Chinese crap - simple.

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