Proformance Motorsport

4WD Trophy Truck - Off Road Racing 

Located in Perth Western Australia, Proformance Motorsport construct and race some of Australia's most advanced 4WD off road racing trucks.


Back in 1990 our "Imagineers" began creating our own Gearboxes, Differentials, Hubs, Spindles and Chassis for our personal use. With the exception of the engine and wheels almost all our components were hand made in our own premises to provide us exactly what we needed.


The components we manufactured have gained worldwide attention and after many requests from the Off Road Motorsport Communites around the world, team owner Scott Bryce finally decided to begin a business making and selling these unique components worldwide.


  • Full Time 4WD | Space Frame Chassis

  • Mid Mounted Nascar Engine

  • Independent Front Suspension (22" Travel)

  • Independent Rear Suspension  (33" Travel)

  • 33mm Rotors front and rear

  • 55/45% Rear/Front weight distribution

  • Quick Change Transfer Case

  • Ultra Narrow Differentials 4.56: 1

  • Underdrive Ratios

    • 1.85:1

    • 1.50:1

    • 1.22:1

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Proformance 4WD Trophy Truck - Located in Perth Western Australia. Independent front and independent rear suspension using Proformance Motorsport ULTRA Narrow Differentials. Our Differentials are only 40mm Wide (Between the CV Faces) and are MUCH NARROWER than SipderTrax (Spider Trax) and Currie 9 Inch or 10 Inch IFS and IRS Differentials. Our Ultra Narrow Differentials are suitable for Off Road Racing, Ultra 4 Rock Racing, Rock Bouncing and other forms of Off Road Motorsport.

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