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ULTRA4 Expands into Europe
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Will IFS Vehicles Dominate the European Series?

The ULTRA 4 series (USA) has expanded into Europe and competitors from all over europe compete in ULTRA 4 racing on the same basis as the King Of the Hammers USA rules and regulations.

Proformance Motorsport Expands into Europe . Will IFS vehicles start to fill the podiums in 2015? Watch closely.

In August 2014, Proformance Motorsport have secured our first ULTRA4 Europe competitor that will use our unique drivetrain components in a brand new Rock Racer for the 2015 Season. The European team is currently working with our Imagineers to develop Europes Most Awesome Long Travel IFS Rock Racer to date.

As per many other forms of Rock Crawling and Rock Racing, most of the vehicles competing in the ULTRA4 Europe Series are using traditional Live Axles. IFS or IRS on vehicles competing in Europe is much less common than in the USA ULTRA4 Rock Racing Series.

Typical Ultra 4 Europe Vehicles use Live Axles. Proformance Motorsport are working with an innovative race team in Europe to develop one of the worlds most extreme ULTRA4 Rock Racers to attack the ULTRA 4 Europe Series in 2015

When IFS first hit Rock Racing in the USA the sport changed for ever and IFS cars are oten on the podium and in teh Top 10 Positions. teh majority of the IFS ULTRA4 Vehicles Competing around the world today all use a traditional live axle Differential fitted into a custom housing. The result is a differential where the distance between the faces of the CV Drive Flanges is around 14 inches (350mm)

Lets see what happens when the Europeans see their first Long Travel IFS Rock Racer, fitted with our DANA 80 Ultra Narrow Differential, Custom Series 30 CV Joints and the Extra Long Wheel Travel.


Our Ultra Narrow Differentials have larger than normal Differential Carrier Bearings allowing the CV Joints to be fitted up inside the carrier, which provides longer axles and therefore much more wheel travel.

Available in Spool or Locker, with either DANA 60 or DANA 80 Gears and 934 or Series 30 CV Joints, our ULTRA4 Narrow IFS and IRS differentials are the narrowest and strongest in the world.

The ULTRA4 Europe series also brings a a coule of challenge to Rock Racing that are not often seen in the USA - Water and Mud.

ULTRA4 Europe - Mud and Water is common in these events and components need to be 100% sealed against the ingress of dirt and debris

At Proformance Motorsport, all our components are made to be 100% fully sealed and vented to atmosphere to prevent the ingress of Water, Dirt Mud and Debris and are perfectly suited to teh wet and muddy conditions of the European ULTRA4 Series.

Proformance Motorsport are looking forward to seeing an IFS be on the ULTRA4 Eurpoean podium in 2015.

Ultimate DANA 80 IFS Differential for ULTRA4 Europe

To learn more information about Rock Racing in Europe or ULTRA4 Europe, simply click below:

Ultra 4 Eurpoe: Facebook | Website

For more information on how Proformance Motorsport can assist you to achieve more wheel travel and a stronger IFS or IRS setup on your vehiclce, contact us today.

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