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We offer consulting services billed on a time and materials basis. Our Imagineers are always working various competitors and fabricators all over the world to develop unique and custom solutions.
Drivetrain Concept

Many fabricators are faced with basic decisions around engine position (Front, Mid or Rear mounted), Suspension layout, and basic drivetrain layout.


Our team of Imagineers can assist you with your project or concept to be confident with your final drive solution before you have cut a single piece of pipe.

Hydraulic Design

Moving 37', 40" or even larger tyres left to right at high speed required a lot of horsepower and a well engineered Hydraulic System.


if your power steering system becomes difficult to operate quickly at low engine RPM, then call us today. A few hours of our time may save you and your team tens of thousands of dollars in pumps, servos and steering components.


So many fabricators are still getting it all wrong. Bolts in Single Sheer, 12 point bolts and Allen bolts used to hold ring gears to diff carriers.


If you do not understand why Diff Gear Bolts have a different shaped head to every other fastener on your truck, then you need to talk to us.


Bolts do not break - people brake bolts!

Suspension Geometry
Engineering Advice

With 25 years of off road racing experience, we can show you hundreds of broken components, concepts that simply did not work, products that were made in china, but boxed as Made in USA.


By spending a few hours with our experienced Imagineers, you may save yourself tens or thoudands of dollars in scrap metal.


Do it right the first time, ask for advice.


Getting a 7000lb, (2500kg) Off Road Race Vehicle to come to a stop after travelling at speeds up to 230KPH (120MPH) is often a challenge.


Nascar, Road Race and Rally Brake Components are simply are NOT suitable for large off road vehicles.


Asking the Human Foot to apply enough force to pull up a "truck" doing 120MPH is insanity - ask us about our revolutionary braking solutions. 

There is a lot of talk in the industry about Anti Squat, Anti Dive, Scrub Radius, Akerman, Caster, Camber, King Pin Inclination, but what does it all mean and is it someting you need to take into consideration during your project?


let our team of Imagineers assist you fight your way through all the Jargon and Rubbish to ensure you know what is Critical, important, Necessary and NOT necessary.


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